Testimonial - 1

I had been suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. After taking a blood and urine test, my doctor stated, "You've got serious kidney damage among the other health conditions". And then he wrote a prescription that contains four sets of drugs. After taking this medication for long, I realized that I should find a better way. After searching a lot on the net, I discovered Arjun tea from the house of planet Ayurveda. I started taking Arjun tea and the results have been amazing. Now, I can safely state, there was an 80 percent improvement within three months. During this three month period, I had regular blood and urine test and blood pressure measurement. I am very pleased and surprised at my test results. Now I will continue to take this herbal tea to maintain my blood pressure. Thanks to the Planet Ayurveda.

Testimonial - 2

I am 36 years old lady, have a history of heart disease in my family. My mother takes high blood pressure medicines and my father has had 2 bypass surgeries. I don't smoke and exercise regularly. I have had a long history of high blood pressure and my doctor has been trying to get me on medications for many years, and the cost of all the medications was too high.

Later on, I found out about the Planet Ayurveda last year and began using their product ARJUN TEA as a test. And last month, I had to go back to my doctor for a regular checkup and I was surprised at my blood pressure measurement. It was just 135/75 rather than my usual blood pressure 145/95- 1459/98. I felt this Arjun tea as a better way to take care of my blood pressure. Now, I am taking this Arjun tea, every day.

Planet Ayurveda, you have a great product!

Testimonial - 3

I am male, 46 years old and work in a famous medical clinic. I started taking Arjun tea from Planet Ayurveda about 6 months ago. My LDL cholesterol level was too high (163). It had been climbing steadily for many years. Now my LDL cholesterol level is just 112. I have not made any more changes in my lifestyle and diet, but take the Arjun tea regularly. This herbal tea has made me feel better with a spectacular fall in my cholesterol level and blood pressure as well. In short, this product has done a great job and I have felt a general improvement in my overall health. I will continue to take this product.