Arjun tea benefits

arjun tea, herbal tea
  • Arjun tea provides nutrition to heart as it is rich in natural micro nutrient CoQ 10 ( 1 cup contains 25-30 mg of Co Q 10 )
  • Maintains cholesterol levels – Helps maintaining normal Triglycerides, LDL and VLDL levels and also improve good cholesterol i.e. HDL
  • Improves pumping capacity of heart
  • Rich in natural flavonoids – natural anti-oxidants
  • Effective herbs for heart
  • A nicotine / caffeine free herbal tea to take care of many health conditions without causing any side effects or interactions.
  • Delicious taste with cinnamon and cardamom flavor
  • Contains no preservatives or chemicals but only herbs
Arjun tea, Herbal tea, Ayurvedic tea, Tulsi tea
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