Why Taking Green Tea is Good for Your Heart

Green tea refers to the tea that is prepared from the leaves of camellia. Primarily, it has been popular because of its many health benefits. For instance, it acts both as an antioxidant and as a stimulant that is why majority can take several cups per day. However, if you prefer black tea, it is recommended that you replace it with green tea since it has many health benefits to our heart. In this article, we have outlined the health benefits of green tea to the heart and other benefits that it has to the body.

Benefits to the heart

  • Studies have shown that green tea is very effective in preventing atherosclerosis. When suffering from this condition, your artery wall becomes thicker due to the buildup of cholesterols and fats in body. If this thickening occurs, you are at risk of getting a heart attack.
  • It lowers the level of cholesterol. Several studies done have indicated that green tea lowers the level of the body's bad cholesterol, but raises the level of good cholesterol. Having high levels of bad cholesterol is not healthy.
  • Green tea prevents coronary heart disease. If you take over 5 cups of green tea per day you are less likely to suffer from a coronary heart disease. This is a condition where the coronary arteries are narrowed due to several deposits of fats. Green tea destroys the radicals that enhance the depositions of these fats.
  • Green tea also helps to lower the levels of triglycerides that can go up after consuming a heavy meal. There is certain substance found in green tea that reduces the amount of triglycerides that is allowed into the blood stream at any given time.
  • Green tea enhances faster recuperation after a heart attack. Taking green tea will allow you to recuperate fast. Moreover, it also repairs the blood vessels that might have been damaged by the attack. This will ensure that you get a quicker recovery.

Other health benefits of green tea

  • It can help in losing some weight. Taking a cup of green tea will help you to lose weight by speeding up the burning of excess fats. Besides, it frees the fatty acids so that they can easily be removed.
  • Green tea keeps allergies far from your body. More studies have shown that if you take a cup of green tea, it will keep allergies far from your body. These allergies may include pollen grains and dusts.
  • Invigorate your body. When you feel weak and sluggish especially in the afternoons, taking a cup of green tea can do your body wonders. In addition, it will improve your concentration, short-term memory and reduces body tiredness.

In summary, taking green tea is a lot more beneficial to your heart. Besides, it also have some other health benefits such as keeping allergies at bay, losing weight among others. However, when not feeling well, before embarking taking green tea, it is crucial that you go for a medical checkup so that you can establish the cause of the ailment. This you do using an Ehic card. This European Health Insurance Card enables you to get health care at a subsidized cost.