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The concept of heart tea is not as new as we think. It is in fact one of the oldest traditions of human civilization to consume various herbs as herbal tea or in the form of a decoction. Recently there is an upsurge in the herbal teas market as there are many herbal tea brands available at every store.

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Arjun tea is a caffeine free herbal tea useful for almost every other health problem. The herbal tea has its root in ancient healthcare system of India i.e. Ayurveda. Arjun tea is made keeping in mind pure Ayurvedic ways of healing. The product contains safe herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine since ages. Ayurveda is a traditional healing system recognized by WHO and is mainly practiced in India

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arjun tea is not only a natural remedy for blood pressure and cholesterol but it also nourishes the heart muscle.It improves the blood circulation and is rich in natural anti-oxidants. It contains natural flavonoids, cardiac glycosides,which improve the pumping capacity of the heart and makes this tea a very effective among other herbal remedies for congestive heart failure. The herbs in this tea are described in Ayurveda since 1000 B.C. as the best herbal remedies for coronary artery disease and other heart problems.It is a very special herbal tea that contains only herbs and natural ingredients without caffeine or any synthetic chemicals. Ayurvedic literature has explained Terminalia arjuna and cinnamon zeylanica as the best natural remedies for heart prob1ems like coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, and blood pressure etc.

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